TT Triathlon & Labor Day Weekend Duathlon – 9/4/11

Sunday’s time trial triathlon at Tradewinds Park was hardly that. After the water quality tests revealed conditions unsafe for swimming, it was decided that the triathlon would began with an 80-yard dash into the transition area as opposed to the 400-meter swim. Athletes lined up in no particular order and went off three seconds apart. Athletes who were planning to race the triathlon were given the option to switch to the duathlon. Lauren Chandler opted to challenge herself and compete in her first duathlon. I can say from experience that duathlon is more challenging than triathlon, as the swim does not tax your legs the way the first run of a duathlon does. I gave Lauren some last minute tips the night before regarding pacing, etc. The race stragey we came up with proved to be a success, as Lauren finished as overall winner!! Congrats to all Doghouse Racing Team athletes, as well as friends of Doghouse who competed Sunday.

Lauren Chandler: 1st Overall Duathlon
John House: 2nd AG Duathlon
Adam Slotnick: 4th AG Duathlon (Doghouse coached athlete)
Jan Forgione: 5th AG Duathlon (Doghouse coached athlete)
Casey Childers: 2nd Overall Triathlon
Chris Archambault: 4th Overall Triathlon
Nicole Swift: 1st AG Triathlon
Paul Wills: 1st AG Triathlon

Look for Doghouse Racing Team athletes at Escape to Miami on September 25th!